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We produce premium grade compost and natural fertiliser through our green, commingled and food waste recycling. Produced locally, free from additives and highly recommended. Interested? Find out below how you could be using our compost or biofertiliser.
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Tamar's six composting sites transform green waste and mixed food and green waste into an environmentally friendly, premium quality, nutrient–rich compost. More...

Produced locally and entirely free from additives, it is available (loose or in cubic metre bags) at agricultural, commercial and domestic grade.

Our compost is used by Kenilworth Castle, the Royal Festival Hall, Glyndebourne Shoot, landscapers, gardeners, allotment groups and at various local amenities. Please contact us to find out more or place an order, and have this exceptional compost delivered to your door.

Trade discounts are available to commercial clients. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements:

T 020 7255 7500




Our anaerobic digestion (AD) division produces a nutrient-rich biofertiliser for use in agriculture that boosts crop yield and cuts the need for, and cost of, fossil fuel derived fertilisers. More...

We provide a quality, entirely natural fertiliser, with a full nutrient content breakdown for your peace of mind. Contact us today to start benefitting from the use of biofertiliser on your land. 

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