A natural biofertiliser is produced as part of the anaerobic digestion process. Used in agriculture, this biofertiliser returns valuable nutrients to the soil, displaces the need for expensive petro-chemical derived fertilisers and has been proven to improve crop yields.

Tamar's anaerobic digestion (AD) division produces a nutrient-rich biofertiliser for use in agriculture which boosts crop yield and cuts fertiliser costs. 

The biofertiliser replaces more costly, petro-chemical derived fertilisers. Tamar's biofertiliser is currently being used successfully by Worth Farms, its partner at Holbeach, on its potato and vegetable crops and saving an estimated £60,000 per year.

Biofertilser has been proven in independent trials run by WRAP to improve crop yields. Plus, we provide a full nutrient breakdown of the biofertiliser for your peace of mind. 

Biofertiliser is a growing market in the UK. The PAS110 quality standard, backed by WRAP and the British Standards Institute, is designed to give users confidence about the quality and consistency of the biofertiliser produced in the AD process. The accreditation is achieved by demonstrating consistent quality in the biofertiliser produced at individual plants, across a number of criteria including the feedstock used in the AD process, the minimum quality and chemical content of the fertiliser and the level of information provided to end users. 

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Tamar Energy Holbeach AD plant

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