Food waste recycling

We offer cost-effective, sustainable food waste management solutions that divert organic waste from incineration and landfill, to generate low cost, low carbon renewable energy and a nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

Over 15 million tonnes of food waste is produced in the UK each year. We believe that food that could be eaten, should be eaten. After this, the best place for inedible food waste is recycling, via anaerobic digestion or in-vessel composting.  

AD is the most environmentally friendly, low carbon way to treat food waste. It diverts waste from landfill and incineration, reduces carbon emissions, recycles valuable nutrients back to the soil and creates a low cost, constant form of renewable energy. Simply, it’s the best place for inedible food waste.
We work with local authorities, waste contractors, food processors, the hospitality and retail sector, and the agricultural industry. Read what our customers say about our service.

Our food waste recycling services offer: 

  • Competitive pricing and reliability of service.
  • Guaranteed, transparent and efficient logistics.
  • Innovative waste handling solutions.
  • Ability to provide national support to multi-site customers, due to our large scale network of plants.
  • A direct and traceable route proving food waste conversion to green energy; data reporting to support customers’ ethical and supply chain requirements.
  • Professional, responsible and sustainable approach; delivered through process, experience and expertise.

Most of our facilities accept packaged and unpackaged food, meat products, solid, liquid or sludge, and expired or damaged produce.

Recognised as an industry leader, we strive to achieve the best in class throughout every aspect of our business:

  • We keep professionalism, transparency and competitiveness at the core of all our dealings with our supply chain.
  • We provide tangible and auditable data to suppliers and customers to support their green reporting.
  • Our expert site staff operate proven technology throughout our portfolio of facilities and dedicated Account Managers support clients' needs through proactive and ongoing communication.
  • Our accredited approach ensures we remain responsible and compliant with all quality, environmental and health and safety issues, while we strive to excel beyond regulatory and legislative requirements.
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