Green waste and commingled waste

We offer Local Authorities and waste contractors a cost-effective, low carbon, green and commingled waste management solution.

Tamar's composting division operates six in-vessel composting (IVC) and open windrow composting (OWC) sites across south east England and East Anglia. We offer Local Authorities and waste contractors the opportunity to:

  • reduce biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) inputs to landfill (and to avoid the associated rises in landfill taxes) and incineration
  • deliver the stringent recycling targets set by the Government and the EU
  • offer a sustainable, low carbon, green waste management solution.

The resulting nutrient-rich, peat-free soil improver is a valuable source of nutrients for plants and crops. It allows farmers, landowners and landscaping companies to displace manufactured or peat based compost, and the peace of mind of using a locally produced, environmentally friendly, additive free soil improver.

How to buy our premium grade compost

In-Vessel Composting (IVC)

The in-vessel composting (IVC) process mixes organic material, including food waste, under strictly-controlled environmental conditions within a sealed and fully enclosed purpose-built bunker. The process meets the highest industry standards and is compliant with latest regulations as well as having a Category 3 Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) License.

We can process a range of organic material, including:

  • Kerbside domestic collected organics
  • Catering waste, including meat and fish
  • Local Authority civic amenity site garden waste
  • Commercial fruit and vegetables
  • Liquid food waste

After treatment, the compost is extracted from the IVC bunkers to bays where it’s left to mature for around 6-8 weeks. The product is a stabilised, nutrient-rich and peat-free compost which is suitable as a soil improver for the farming and agriculture industry. 

Open Windrow Composting (OWC)

Open windrow composting (OWC) processes garden waste only – grass cuttings, pruning and leaves – in an open environment and allows the material to break down in the presence of oxygen. Without exception, there is no food waste or animal by-products.  

There are multiple uses for the exceptional quality compost produced which, dependent on grade, can be used as a soil improver, mulch, topsoil constituent, turf dressing and as a growing medium. It can be used on domestic and commercial gardens, brownfield sites, for landscaping as well as full-scale agriculture.



For further information about our IVC and OWC processes, and to discuss either the delivery and management of organic waste or compost purchase, please contact us.


Open Windrow Composting site

In Vessel composting

In-Vessel Composting site

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