WRAP has released a new report about food waste in the grocery supply chain. It estimates 1.9million tonnes of food and drink is wasted every year in the UK, of which 0.8mt is unavoidable.  Their findings show that the sector is already very efficient but businesses could save £300 million a year if efforts to reduce food waste were increased.  The food sector is working on various initiatives to cut waste, in particular Courtauld 2025, a voluntary agreement to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.  The report highlights that the amount of edible food redistributed to people or diverted to animal feed could be increased four-fold. Tamar fully supports the waste hierarchy; food that can be eaten, should be, and then the best place for inedible food waste is recycling via anaerobic digestion or in-vessel composting.

More information is on WRAP's website

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