QV Foods has hosted the opening of a 1.5 MW anaerobic digestion facility located at its headquarters and food-processing site in Holbeach, Lincs. Andy Clarke, Asda's President and CEO, opened the facility as part of a tour of QV Foods’ operations, which supplies vegetable and potato products to the supermarket chain.

The AD facility is a joint venture between QV Foods’ parent company A.H. Worth and the UK’s leading anaerobic digestion developer Tamar Energy, which built and operates the facility. The AD facility will take up to 30,000 tonnes of organic material per year, mainly vegetable trimmings and potato wastes from QV Foods operations, and convert this into renewable energy - enough to supply the site's electricity requirements, with the surplus being exported to the National Grid.

As well as delivering power supply resilience and cost savings, the AD facility will produce a nutrient-rich biofertiliser and reduce QV Foods’ carbon footprint. The AD facility was developed around the specific site requirements, dealing both with the vegetable trimmings and peelings arising at the site as well as to meet a significant electricity demand. The power requirements, including an overnight load for chilling warehouses, are well matched to the 24/7 generation by an AD facility.

The “closed loop” process whereby unavoidable food waste is used in the AD facility to generate electricity for the business, and biofertiliser for the land, further enhances QV Food’s sustainability credentials.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker commented on the AD facility’s opening:

“This is a great example of how local low-carbon generation can meet the energy needs of businesses. Not only does it divert waste from landfill, but it also provides cost effective and secure low-carbon generation.

“In the coming years I hope to see even more businesses using anaerobic digestion and other renewable technologies to meet their energy needs.”

At the opening, Andy Clarke, Asda President and CEO, said: “At Asda, doing business the right way is of the utmost importance. We take our responsibility to create innovative solutions to key environmental and social challenges seriously so we are always delighted to work with businesses like QV Foods which share our beliefs.”

Duncan Worth, Chairman of QV Foods and Managing Director of parent company A.H. Worth said:

“Working with Tamar Energy to develop an AD operation at our site made perfect sense. Not only does it provide real financial benefits by putting us in control of our electricity supply and fertiliser production but it’s also a tangible demonstration of our sustainability commitment, with benefits we can pass on to our customers”.

Alan Lovell, Tamar Energy chairman added:

“Our joint venture with A.H. Worth is further proof of the business and environmental benefits that anaerobic digestion delivers in terms of energy generation and waste management. It’s hugely encouraging to see a company of A.H. Worth’s stature embracing the technology”.

The plant is Tamar Energy’s third operational AD facility in its plan for a UK network of AD facilities generating 100MW of renewable energy from organic waste.


About QV Foods

QV Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company, AH Worth, a family business based in Lincolnshire. It operates from purpose built factories in Holbeach - Lincolnshire, March - Cambridgeshire & Inchture - Perthshire, whilst farming 4,500 acres of prime Lincolnshire land. QV offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout the supply chain of fresh and prepared potatoes and vegetables. Its asset base and business structure provide a sound basis for continued growth. It continually reinvests in source development, new product offerings and varieties to ensure that the business remains at the forefront in product development and innovation. The management team prides itself in understanding each customer’s unique demands and tailoring services to exceed expectations. www.qvfoods.com

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