An innovative new partnership could change the way that food waste is handled in the UK’s commercial kitchens. COOK, the hand-made frozen food producer, and Tamar Energy (Tamar), a leading provider of organic waste recycling solutions, have signed a deal to take advantage of equipment from German technology provider Rothenburg – the first commercial deal of its kind in the UK.    

The partnership with Tamar will allow COOK to build on its existing sustainability credentials, whereby its kitchen already recycles wherever possible. While the hand-made approach means that the cooking process produces little waste, COOK still faces a dilemma with what to do with unavoidable food waste – such as kitchen trimmings, bones and peelings.

 The new Rothenburg food waste management system will allow COOK to turn this unavoidable waste into an energy-rich resource without having to step outside the kitchen:

The Rothenburg food waste management system enables COOK to easily and efficiently segregate and process all the food waste generated at their Sittingbourne kitchen. Food waste is emptied into an ‘in-feed station’ located in the kitchen and vacuum technology moves it through a pipe to a 24,000 litre storage tank. During the process, the food waste passes through an in-line macerator that effectively turns it into a thick liquid and maximises the storage capacity of the tank. The sealed system uses no water, heat, or chemicals to process the food waste and is not connected to the drains. A UV and carbon air editing system ensures the system is odourless.  

Tamar collects the food waste by bulk tanker every two weeks from the tank, which occupies an area of approximately two car parking spaces, halving the previous storage area required.  The solution also reduces the food waste collection vehicle movements on site by 85%, and dramatically cuts the number of food waste miles travelled. Tamar processes the food waste at one of its network of food waste recycling facilities, converting it into renewable energy which is exported to the National Grid and a nutrient-rich biofertiliser used in agriculture.  This is done through a safe, proven biological process known as anaerobic digestion (AD). 

Richard Pike, Technical and Sustainability Director, COOK said:

“We have always recycled all of our unavoidable food waste from our main sites. Now, by working with Tamar and installing the Rothenburg system, we are able to achieve a one stop solution for this waste, improve site hygiene and reduce operating costs while maximising the potential benefit from kitchen trimmings. It’s important to COOK that the environmental impact is minimised and the waste will generate energy to power homes and businesses.  It’s exciting to think that in the future the fertiliser produced by this process could be used on the land that grows our vegetables, supporting the circular economy.”

Dean Hislop, Tamar chief executive, said:

“The Rothenburg system offers progressive companies like COOK, who are genuinely committed to making a difference, a great opportunity to recycle their food waste to benefit the environment, and future food production. This is an easy solution for busy commercial kitchens and food manufacturers to make sure they do good with the unavoidable food waste they produce.’

Tamar is one of the leading operators of organic waste recycling facilities in the UK. It has five commercial AD facilities in operation at Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire; Halstead, Essex; Holbeach, Lincolnshire; Basingstoke Hampshire and Retford, Nottinghamshire. In addition Tamar operates six commercial Composting sites in the South East of the UK. Businesses interested in sending their organic waste for recycling can contact Tamar Energy on 0207 255 7526.



Notes to Editors

For more information, please contact Isabelle Young, Kai Pritchard or Mike Cheshire at Camargue on tamarenergy@camargue.uk or on 01242 577277.




About Tamar

Tamar Energy (Tamar) provides food and green waste recycling solutions through its award-winning network of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and composting sites around the UK. Tamar continues to develop its network of Composting and AD facilities in strategic locations around the UK to turn large volumes of organic waste material into renewable energy, biofertiliser and compost.

Tamar aims to be one of the UK’s leading food waste recyclers and operators of AD plants, and is a strong supporter of the ‘waste hierarchy’ (reduce, reuse, recycle). Tamar is committed to making a positive contribution to the UK’s commitments in the fields of waste management and renewable energy.


Renewable energy is produced from three main sources of feedstock – organic waste from the food processing industry, agricultural sources and ‘post-consumer’ organic waste, broken down into municipal, household waste and waste from industrial and commercial sources including hotels, supermarkets, prisons, schools and hospitals.


Tamar also operates six composting sites around the south and south east of the UK. These transform green waste and mixed food and green waste into an environmentally friendly, premium quality, nutrient–rich compost which is available at an agricultural, commercial and domestic grade.

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