An ambitious programme to construct four new anaerobic digestion (AD) plants is underway across England, the first step in a vision by renewable energy company Tamar Energy to create a ‘critical mass’ network of around 40 plants by 2018.

Together the four sites will have a combined capacity of 8MW, turning organic waste into biogas, a nutrient rich fertilizer (known as digestate) and water. Tamar Energy also has a further 14 sites in various stages of development, as the UK’s first renewable energy business to exclusively focus on AD.

The four sites are:

Farleigh, Hampshire With the digester tanks currently being constructed, Tamar Energy’s first facility will process 40,000 tonnes of food waste. Commissioning will commence in autumn 2013 and the plant will be generating 1.5 MW of electricity by early 2014.
Holbeach Hurn, Lincolnshire To be commissioned in late 2013, the Holbeach project is a joint venture with food producer and processor A.H. Worth & Company Limited. It is expected to process around 30,000 tonnes of food waste when in operation, producing 1.5 MW of electricity.
Retford, Nottinghamshire To be commissioned in spring 2014, this site is expected to process maize, manures and other agricultural waste, and will produce renewable electricity and heat when in use.
Halstead, Essex Work by the landlord has begun to create the access track for Tamar Energy’s Essex plant. The company is then planning to start its work on the AD facility itself at the end of June 2013 which, once operational in 2014, is expected to process commercial and industrial (C&I) food waste, to make renewable electricity.

Alan Lovell, Chairman and Chief Executive, Tamar Energy, explained: “We are very pleased to report that work is on or ahead of schedule at our sites, and we are in advanced stages of negotiations with local waste contractors in and around Hampshire and Essex for our plants in Farleigh and Halstead."

“Our innovative funding model means we are in a unique position in the AD industry to deliver on our promise of a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable energy and waste management solution for local councils and waste contractors alike.”

By 2018, Tamar Energy’s 40 plant plan will create the first UK-wide network of AD plants and will be generating 100MW of electricity and gas, enough to power more than 200,000 homes. The network will enable it to manage large volumes of feedstock from national contractors and offer unparalleled levels of scale and flexibility.

Established in 2010 and officially launched last year, Tamar Energy has an exclusive focus on using anaerobic digestion to transform organic waste into renewable energy. The process has the potential to power millions of UK homes, whilst also offering a sustainable, cost-effective organic waste treatment solution.

Tamar Energy was the biggest European cleantech capital deal in 2012 according to finance advisers Ascendant, having raised £97m in 2012. In recognition, it was recently awarded the ‘Standout Fundraising Achievement of the Year’ Award by Cleantech Group.


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