The new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant will be situated on land adjacent to the Bluebridge Industrial Estate in Halstead, Essex. Construction will begin on 24 June 2013 and is expected to last for approximately 12 months, with the finished plant creating as many as five full-time jobs once operational.

AD uses a series of natural biological processes to break down organic waste material anaerobically (in the absence of air) and convert it into biogas, which is then used to create electricity and a nutrient-rich natural bio fertiliser for agricultural use.

There are now more than 100 AD sites operating successfully in the UK, and the technology has been in wide use across Europe for many years, in particular in Germany, which has around 7,000 plants.

Thomas Burgess, delivery project manager for Tamar Energy’s Halstead facility, explained, “An AD facility is a real step forward for Essex’s green credentials. It means the county’s organic food waste is treated as a valuable resource capable of generating renewable energy, rather than something just to be got rid of.

“We understand that every AD plant is not just located in a place but within a community. We expect people to have questions about how new, more environmentally sustainable ways to treat food and organic waste will both affect and benefit them. Tamar Energy’s aim is to be a good neighbour to the people of Halstead through the lifetime of the project, working together to make a positive impact for future generations.”

The site, which received planning permission in March 2011, will be capable of taking a maximum of 45,000 tonnes of food waste a year from local homes and businesses. Much of this waste currently has to be transported out of the county to be processed or disposed of in landfill.

Tamar Energy is pledging to minimise any potential disruption during construction and operation, with traffic accessing the site via the Bluebridge Industrial Estate on the south-eastern edge of the town. Vehicle movements to and from the plant during operation will be closely controlled and help offset those that are currently taking place in the collection and aggregation of household kerbside food bins and other organic waste.

People living locally who have any queries can contact Tamar Energy via a dedicated free telephone enquiry line on 0800 840 1229, by post at FREEPOST TAMAR ENERGY and via email at halstead@tamar-energy.com

Tamar Energy is a member of the flagship Considerate Constructors Scheme. The scheme ensures members have sites that appear professional and well managed, give utmost consideration to any impact on neighbours and the public, protect and enhance the environment, and provide a safe, supportive and caring environment for workers on-site.


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