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Looking to minimise costs, reduce your carbon footprint and protect your brand? We offer safe, cost-effective recycling of unavoidable process waste - plus service, certainty and transparent environmental benefits.

Food producers and processors throughout the supply chain are striving to cut costs, reduce waste, improve their carbon footprint and protect their brand.

Our network of UK anaerobic digestion plants means we offer safe, cost-effective recycling of your unavoidable process waste - plus a partnership, certainty, lower costs and environmental benefits. 

Our anaerobic digestion solutions are suitable for nearly all types of business, regardless of location, size and waste output. You benefit from:

  • Transparent, tangible evidence for your corporate social responsibility policies and sustainability strategies
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Local solutions through our network of sites, and reduced transportation costs or ‘waste miles’
  • The opportunity to achieve supply chain requirements of zero food waste to landfill
  • Less hassle and associated management overhead as most of our facilities accept packaged and unpackaged food; meat products; solid, liquid or sludge and expired or ‘damaged’ produce
  • Lower CO₂ emissions and overall impact on the environment.

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager, there to deal with any challenges, handle your needs and share our experience. Please get in touch for a confidential discussion about your type and potential volume of waste, and see how Tamar's anaerobic digestion plants can benefit your business.

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