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”Working with Tamar to develop an AD operation at our site made perfect sense. Not only does it provide real financial benefits from electricity supply and organic fertiliser production, it’s also a tangible demonstration of our sustainability commitment, with benefits we can pass on to our customers.”
Duncan Worth, Chairman, QV Foods (partner in joint venture Holbeach AD plant)

“Tamar provides a highly reliable and quality service and are a pleasure to work with. We share a common commitment to the environment, and it matters to us that this is a locally produced, ‘green waste’ recycled product, with no additives.  Tamar has always  been flexible and professional, Whilst consistently offering an excellent service.  Norse would certainly recommend them" 
Steve Green, Commercial and Strategic Waste Manager at Suffolk Coastal Norse

“We are pleased to be working with Tamar to ensure we keep our waste disposal costs in line with last year during a difficult economic climate of rising prices. This contract [with Tamar] enables Essex County Council to continue its successful waste management programme.”
Cllr Roger Walters, Cabinet Member for Waste & Recycling, Essex County Council



“Tamar always provide Ellgia Recycling with an  incredibly  flexible,  fast and friendly service, just as we have to be with our customers”
Darrel McKinney, Transport Manager, Ellgia Recycling

“We have been working with Tamar for over 3 years and they have provided a very reliable and economical solution for the disposal of our food waste.  Our customers are keen to know  that the unusable trimmings and out grades are being hauled a short distance to the AD  plant and providing renewable heat and electricity. Tamar staff have been friendly and efficient, providing swift turnaround times and  excellent information on the environmental benefits of anaerobic digestion“
Ruth Cullen, Sales Manager, Mid UK Recycling 



"We provide cost-effective waste management solutions and believe in recycling for the future, which is why Tamar Energy makes an ideal partner. Their food waste recycling AD plant is local, reliable, cost-effective and run by a friendly, professional team. It enables us to give our customers' peace of mind that food waste is being sustainably recycled, reducing their carbon footprint while producing renewable energy."
Paul Gregory, Operations Manager, CSH Environmental 


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